I do research on the metaphysics of physical geometry and of mathematical physics in general, with a special interest in building new foundations. Papers below are sorted by themes. Unpublished ones are renamed for anonymity.

Dynamicism and Algebraicism

“An algebraic approach to physical fields” with Tobias Fritz, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 89, October 2021, 188-201. (preprint)

Relativistic Dynamicism and Algebraic Spacetime (temporarily unavailable)

Two Dogmas of Geometricism (preprint)

Discrete Spacetime

“Intrinsic Local Distances: A Mixed Solution to Weyl’s Tile Argument,” Synthese 198, 7533–7552 (2020).

No Effective Realism for Spacetime (preprint)

Continua and Infinitesimals

“Smooth Infinitesimals in the Metaphysical Foundation of Spacetime Theories” Journal of Philosophical Logic (2022) (preprint)

“Infinitesimal Gunk,” Journal of Philosophical Logic 49, 981–1004 (2020).

“Do simple infinitesimal parts solve Zeno’s paradox of measure?” Synthese 198 (5):4441-4456 (2019)