Upcoming courses

Intro to Logic (Spring 2023): Discusses semantics, syntax, and natural deductive systems for propositional logic, first-order predicate logic, and very briefly modal logic. Some metalogic may be included. Textbook: forall x.

Metaphysics of Science (Spring 2023): Discusses interpretations of relativity and quantum mechanics. Can be also considered as metaphysics of time and matter informed by relevant sciences.

Recent Courses

Metaphysics of Science (Spring 2022): discussion of Ted Sider’s new(ish) book and supplementary readings.

Ontology (Spring 2022). Do these things exist? Abstracta, properties, possible worlds, past and future things, and composite objects.

Philosophical Paradoxes (Fall 2021): Infinity, time, fatalism, Newcomb, sleeping beauty, two envelopes, doomsday, etc (syllabus).

Scientific Realism (Fall 2021): Opponents and variants of scientific realism (syllabus).

Places and Times (Spring 2021). A historical, multicultural tour on the views of space and time leading up to Einstein’s theory (syllabus).

Metaphysics of Science (Spring 2021). Discussion of metaphysical issues arising from empirical sciences, including general relativity, quantum mechanics, and biology (syllabus).

Ontology (Fall 2020). The ontology of properties, numbers, time, space, mereological complex.